You Have Got Mail – Keeping Business Information Safe

Ever since the computer age crept into our everyday business and home life web safety has been an issue. Companies around the globe have been affected by this problem and have been forced into setting specific guidelines to combat the problem. Many people love to communicate across the World Wide Web or the Internet as it is most often referred too. With so many personal computers in homes numerous personal email accounts are established in every household. Some people cannot leave the personal account at home. When they get to the office they cannot fight the urge to conduct business and personal communication on the same account. Therefore there can be a breach in safety.

The fact is quite simple that personal email accounts should not be used to transfer business information. Regardless of the natural fact that personal emailing should not be done on company time anyway; using a personal account to transfer sensitive business information can be a serious issue with safety and protocol. As far as technology has come in a relatively short time in reference to computers protection is still a major issue. There are elements out there that are up to know good and work diligently towards gathering useful information about various businesses. This is why certain measures are to be adhered too when emailing is involved. For security and safety purposes strict passwords and encryption methods have to be utilized to protect the businesses and their clients.

If sensitive information is transferred over an insecure server than that information is up for grabs. This can be a very serious problem if the employee happens to be employed by the government. Controls have to be adhered too in order to properly protect all parties. There are many secrets out there that are not meant to be shared rather it be trade secrets or secrets involving national security. If an employee violates these rules of emailing conduct they can put their company, their clients or even the country at risk. This is unacceptable and can lead to serious repercussions. Many people do not think about the potential risk they are placing on their place of business and that is when breaches occur.

The possible effects of internet hacking are a reality. Too many users are led to believe that such efforts are only vivid imaginations presented on the silver screen. It is hard for them to comprehend that without proper protection that passwords can be opened and sensitive information retrieved. Companies and government offices obtain specified computer hardware just for this purpose. They take extraordinary measures to protect valuable information. When an employee passes information along in an insecure method their protective measures become useless. The bottom line is this. Companies are becoming more and more serious about this issue. It is too important to all involved that protection is sustained at all times. There is no excuse for creating an unsafe situation by conducting inappropriate communication through personal email.

Optimizing Business Information With Office Excel 2007

Optimizing business information with Office Excel 2007.

a). Excel 2007 delivers a new, results-oriented interface, PivotTable and Pivot Chart views that are easy to create, enhanced formula authoring with Formula Auto Complete feature, rich data visualization and a much faster way to create charts and tables.

b). Enables user to Import, Organize and explore massive data sets within significantly expanded spreadsheets, each containing 1 million rows by 16000 columns

c). Tables can be created, formatted, expanded and referred within formulaes. Table headings are kept in view when scrolling data over large tables.

d). Visualization schemes enables to discover patterns and highlight trends with gradients, thresholds, and performance indicator icons. Conditional formatting can be applied more easily.

e). Excel 2007 provides full support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services that has the flexibility and new cube functions to build a custom report from an online OLAP database and also connect to external data sources using Data Connection Library.

f). You can build professional looking charts using charting tools and apply visual enhancements such as 3-D, Soft shadowing, and transparency. The redesigned charting engine is consistent with all applications. Page Layout View helps in building a professional style to the spreadsheet and also allows you to incorporate Microsoft art and integrated graphics.

g). Excel services dramatically render an Office Excel 2007 spreadsheet as HTML that enable users to access spreadsheets from SharePoint Server 2007 that gives access to the most current data, and also to navigate, sort, filter, input parameters and interact with PivotTable views, all in any Web browser. The new Microsoft Office Excel XML format provides this efficient exchange of information by reducing their file size and improving interoperability with other data sources. The spreadsheet should be saved in XPS ( XML Paper Specification ) or PDF format for sharing.

h). Enables to track the key performance indicators of your business using browser-based dashboards that can be created from Office Excel 2007 spreadsheets, Excel Web Access, and Office SharePoint Server 2007 and use the Excel Services Web services application programming interface (API) to integrate server calculation of Office Excel 2007 files into other applications.

Data Connection Library

How To Create A Simple System For All Of Your Embroidery Business Information

Creating s simple system for collecting all of your embroidery business information is very important. Creating a simple system will make it easy to retrieve information when it is needed most.

There is a lot of information available today and if you are like I was when I first started my business, I collected everything that I could and put it in drawers or boxes to save until I could really study it. When I wanted to retrieve this information, I had no idea as to where it actually was. I spent hours going through all of my boxes to fine the particular piece of information that I wanted.

I have found through trial and error that the bet way to save all of my information was to set up binders containing different subjects.

  • Hooping
  • Finishing
  • Embroidery Design and Editing Information
  • Maintenance
  • Favorite Suppliers-with Addresses, Phone Number, Website with Login Info and your Customer Number for each.
  • Resale Certificates for Dealers and Exempt Certificates for Organizations
  • Quotes
  • Pricing Information
  • Price Lists
  • Customer List

As you collect your information such as an article from a trade magazine, cut it out from the magazine or copy it, punch 3 holes in it and place it in the specific binder. You many need to create tabbed sections for different areas within that subject. When you print out files from your training website place them into the binders as well.

When a new trade magazine arrives, I quickly go through the entire magazine, cut out or copy each item that I want to save and immediately place it into the correct binder. I do not take the time to thoroughly read it. I will do that when I am looking for that type of information. I then throw out the rest of the magazine.

You will soon have a complete reference system built up with all of your information at your fingertips when you need it. I handle all of the information that comes into my computer the same way. I have folders set up for each type of information to go into. All of my information is easy to find when I need it quickly!

Home Based Business – Information Overload is Costing You Money

Every new home based business owner has expressed concern over how much they need to know to become successful in the internet marketing space. Visit any internet marketing forum and you will read about worried and intimidated newbie’s feeling overwhelmed at all the avenues for marketing their business.

Information overload is creating an enormous gap for the home business owner who is new to the industry and internet marketing. They are inundated with offers, ideas, and systems that all promise to provide the highly desired traffic for running an online business.

So rather than focusing on a few methods and becoming an expert in those the novice new home business owner takes multiple paths to see which one is the most profitable. This is a huge mistake because it takes away from their ability to learn the intricacies of each method which is were the money really is.

As a result this leaves them numb, confused and eventually leads to failure, causing them to give up and leaves them with a negative feeling about the home based business industry.

Doing things the right way…

The better way is to not take this all on yourself; find a mentor that understands the strife of the newbie internet marketer and has a simple step by step system to show you make your vision come true. And you don’t always have to pay for this advice. There are many giving internet marketers looking out for your home business success. Why? Two reasons, they want to give back by helping others and the more successful you become the better the industries reputation improves.

As many home business owners will tell you part to the industries bad rap has to do with all the hype and false claims and promises of becoming a millionaire overnight. This is a business and without that attitude you are likely to fail. Get rich quick schemes are just that. If it sounds too good to be true it likely is…just like a car…buyer beware!

Rather than falling victim to the information overload syndrome prevalent in the internet marketing world, plan ahead. It’s OK to know about all those other methods and incorporate them into your marketing plan, but keep the blinders on and stay focused on one or two methods at a time. Become the expert and move on to the next one.

Eventually you’ll learn what works for your niche and your personal style and when you do you’ve hit the mother load.