Need Some Start a Business Information?

So, you’re poking around the net looking for a bit of start a business information are you? Well, I won’t pretend to be a business genius, I’m not, but I do know what it took me mentally when I started this business of mine and maybe this advice will help.

When I was looking for ‘start a business’ information, I made the huge mistake of asking friends and family what they thought of the idea. Guess what…They thought it was insane. Even though they loved me and cared for my financial well-being, almost all of them thought the idea was a house of cards.

What I later came to understand is that these people do not understand the mindset of someone want to start a business. They just don’t. Most people are conditioned to believe that work takes place away from the home and that reporting to a boss is a part of the deal.

So while I was looking for great info, I was actually getting a lot of negativity…And I could not afford negativity. So here’s my biggest pearl of knowledge for you as you seek ‘start a business information.’

Surround yourself with positive people when starting your business.

You are going to need all of the positive energy you have in your tank when you go it alone (trust me) so enduring negative thoughts is not going to help you. It can’t.

Friends and especially family want you to follow the course that they are on. The ‘time tested’ one. The one with the away job and the boss. So they have no frame of reference for starting off on your own.

If you really want start a business information…Stick with people the people who’ve done it.

Want proof, when I left my big job in NYC and started working online, everyone balked at my chances. Now they’re all claiming they were behind the idea from the get go.

Yeah, right.