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The Explosive Impact Article Marketing Has on a Small Business Online and Offline Revealed

Posted on May 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

Article marketing is essential for more success in any business. It is absolutely the best way to get your name out and known to the world online. If you know what you are talking about then people will listen. Once those people listen they will tell others, and they will tell others and so on.

Making an article takes thought and time which most readers will take into account when they are reading your article. Obviously if an article was written, someone must have thought that their points were important enough to take the time to write an article about.

Generally when you are writing an article to promote your business it will not take much time because you know so much about what you are writing about. This is good because this is what you want. You want people to think it is easy for you to write about and easy for for you to talk about.

This leads to another point. You are trying to make people know you are the expert in the field of which they are looking to buy a product. The impact this has on customers is explosive.

Imagine if you are already successful offline in your small business without article marketing what article marketing would have on your growth. Not only are local people checking out your business but everyone world wide is looking at it.

Also imagine if you are already successful with your online business without article marketing what article marketing would have on your growth. If you are already successful online then you probably already know of ways to get people to look at your products, or it could be that you are paying someone to promote for you. Article marketing is not something you have to pay someone to do for you and I would not recommend it. This is because you are the expert and you know the most about your product.

What better person to write about a product then the product seller. Only the expert of a business knows how to accurately describe and tell exactly the specifications and positives about a product in their field.

Marketing Small Business Online – Is Perfectionism Poisoning Your Business Blog Posts?

Posted on May 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

How too much of a good thing can poison your blog posts…

If you are like me growing up in America, you quickly learned that the way to an English teacher’s heart was by using correct punctuation, grammar and spelling. This was fine, during your school days, of course.

However, perfectionism can have a detrimental effect when we are writing for business.

In our attempt to create proper punctuation and grammatically correct writing, we force ourselves into using stilted language that makes us seem stiff and unappealing.

Formal writing creates a barrier between us and other people. This can have a disastrous effect, since as small business people we are attempting to connect and interact with our customers on a friendly and helpful basis.

Remember, clients enjoy buying from or working with other people that they know, like, or trust. However that does not mean that there is no place for correct punctuation grammar or spelling online.

I understand that you may have gotten the impression that I don’t approve of being careful when you are writing for the public. That’s not true. Good grammar and punctuation along with accurate spelling are the traffic cops and roadways of our language.

However, being a perfectionist can put distance between you and your readers (i.e. clients) that is unnecessary. Here’s what you can do to fix this issue.

Step One – Always Attempt To Write In A Conversational Tone. Writing in a conversational tone assures your readers that you understand them and are willing to be helpful.

Writing in a “business casual” manner is not seen by your readers as a form of unprofessionally but as you being real or authentic – which is increasingly important online.

Step Two – Eliminate Jargon Or Other Industry Buzzwords. As a specialist and expert in your industry or field it is natural for you to use the language that is common inside that profession.

But your readers or audience does not have the advantage of your training or education, so they are frequently confused or plain put off by the use of jargon, buzzwords and unusual expressions or terminology.

Step Three – Talk As You Write. This may sound unusual but an effective way to improve your writing and ensure that you use a plain spoken tone is to speak out loud while you type.

I know this may seem odd at first, but remember you were taught to speak many years before you were taught to write! So by talking out loud as you write, you force yourself to communicate in a more natural tone of voice and use words that are both familiar and common to almost everyone.

No matter what your style of writing turns out to be, you should strive to connect with as many people as possible. This is why you shouldn’t be “perfect” in all that you write. Still this does not mean you should not use your common sense when it comes to using correct spelling, punctuation or grammar.


Small Business Online Marketing – A Blueprint For Success

Posted on May 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

When marketing your small business, it is important to be innovative to set yourself apart from the crowd, but it is also important to rely on time-tested techniques that have a proven track record of success. Your goal should be to have the foundation in place to do the heavy lifting in your marketing plan and then supplement it with the creative and innovative ideas that will give your plan a push over the top.

These are the basics that should be the foundation of every successful online marketing plan.

  1. A killer website. Now this may surprise you, but the best websites do not always have the fanciest web design. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on designing a website. Functionality and usability are the keys to success here. The best websites are focused and have great navigation. They have a clear message or call to action.
  2. A solid site promotion plan. One big misconception is that promoting a website online takes a great deal of money. This is not the case if you understand how to get the search engines to promote your site for you. Investing in an SEO expert will save you thousands of dollars in advertising expenses. When your site is optmised and you have a plan in place to get inbound links to your domain name it is not necessary to do a big paid advertising campaign.
  3. Content marketing. Since the internet is made up of 100% content, it makes sense that the more content you can provide, the more marketing opportunities you have. The largest portion of your marketing strategy should include publishing articles and syndicating your blog content. Yes, a blog is a very key component in successfully promoting your business. Every blog post or article published is another means of drawing in new business.
  4. Social networking. This is a relatively new marketing medium but just because it is new do not discount it as a fad. Your customers are heavily engaged in social networks and therefore it is critical that your business do so as well. After all, isn’t marketing all about being where your customer can see you?
  5. Capturing leads. Having an email list of existing and potential customers is like having a bank at your fingertips. Whenever you want to add funds to your cash flow, you just send out an email to your list. If you do not have a system in place to encourage your website visitors to add their email to your list, you are missing a great opportunity for increased revenue. Many people will visit your website but, for whatever reason, may not be ready to purchase right then and there. They may intend to come back later, but few actually do. By capturing the lead, you are able to close that sale in the future.

Those 5 elements make up the basics of creating a web presence for your business. They are the time-tested techniques that are used by every successful business online. If you want to expand your reach online or create a local brand for your business, you simply must implement these methods. Once those are firmly established, you can then concentrate on the creative side to make your business stand out.